Photo Gallery

  • Marathon 1978

  • Chuck Aron

  • ALZ Star Chuck Aron

    • Paul with grandson Nick who is now 16 years old.

    • Grandson Jake (Left), Son Dave (Center) and Nick (Right) Jake is a senior in high school and Nick is a junior in high school.

    • Jenna (left) and Erika (right) are the two granddaughters born after Paul’s death.

    • Daughter-in-Law Kathleen and son Mike (Front) Ashley, Stephen, and Jeremy (grandchildren)

    • Chuck and Sara

    • Bob Dierke, Laura Bracken Dierke, Sheila Bracken, Jenna Dierke, Erika Dierke

    • Sheila Aron Bracken and
      Paul Bracken – 1989

    • April Fools 5K

    • Chicago’s Perfect 10K

    • I promised to dye my hair and wear a tutu if I went over $20K

    • I promised to dye my hair and wear a tutu if I went over $20K

    • Shamrock Shuffle 8K

    • Good Life Race 5K


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